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    *Remastered Version* Bean tries to save a man suffering from a heart attack but when the ambulance arrives, Bean uses it to jump start his car, inadvertently disabling the ambulance. Later he tries to post a letter and ends up getting locked inside a post box. Bean then packs for a holiday, suffers a noisy laughing man (Stephen Frost) on a train journey and then has to find a way to entertain a sick boy on the plane.

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      Ageless and timeless comedy

      1. Shagor Hashan

        ভাই মিটারবিনআপনিকিবেচেআছিন

      2. Jad Kora

        @Kevin Luo Z ze

      3. belal golak

        @Kevin Luo شششش١١

      4. Isabelle Compton

        He will never get old or boring. The day Rowan Atkinson dies will be a rather sad one.

      5. David Aznar

        Vuelve a manejar, que

    2. Faizan Ul Haq

      I was 7 years old when i started watching him, im 20 now and i still laugh with tears of joy. Oh how i miss my childhood Thankyou mr atkinson u are the real comedian of the century

      1. Andrew Rogers

        The one season of mr bean was made in 1990, so it was old when you started watching it at age 7. It’s funny but I hope you see what a jerk mr bean is!!

      2. Dyrroth

        me too

      3. Isabelle Compton

        The Ishaan and Ankita Show and ppl have of all languages

      4. The Ishaan and Ankita Show

        Mr. Bean is amazing! People of all ages watch it, creating amazing memories!

      5. Isabelle Compton

        true that

    3. REYK

      15:30 I had the same situation on the train, but there were two friends sitting there and laughing very loudly. 😄

    4. D G

      16:58 this laughter stayed with me for ages.

    5. Here Iam

      The kid in the flight too couldn't control his laughter when he was acting to be serious. If you notice 😂

      1. The Ishaan and Ankita Show

        @Rafał Motyl what

      2. Rafał Motyl


      3. Rafał Motyl


      4. aytennisa yakın

        Yeah i notice lol

      5. Хабарова Анастасия


    6. Miss sky

      I'm sure it's been really hard for that child to control his laughter,, love you bean you're the funniest everrrrrrrr

    7. Chitransh Tomar

      Nobody's gonna talk about his driving skills.... Damn!

      1. Hamed Ghanim


      2. Zara Nalic

        @Indira G Nair Love you 👿👐👐👐

      3. Indira G Nair

        @Flame gaming yea

      4. Indira G Nair

        yea lol

      5. Kakashi Hatake

        search here Rowan atkinson top gear

    8. Midhun Milton

      Mr bean never gets old 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    9. trondmg

      20:05 gets me every time. He is so insecure about what to do, and then being very satisfied with that little noise he made :D

    10. Dagifrom YT

      Mr bean is the one one who makes me laugh!

      1. Rafał Motyl


      2. Ramin banayee

        Ker hahahaha

    11. Kenji

      He teaches us that we alone can live happily

      1. Syeda mofarzzalah Khatun

        @Fokkusu H Nah..unlike you he has 2 Marriages and 5 kids.

      2. Lemuel Lopena

        @The Exterminator I am also alone in real life. You can learn many things even you are alone. That is the truth

      3. E. K.

        @ZevFei Yeeeeech...creepoid👾

      4. ROMA N1


      5. Hssane Mouaci

        @Fokkusu H g

    12. VINE BABA

      A pure comedian who needs not to talk for entertaining us just expressions are enough😃

    13. survivor_freespirit

      I could watch Mr Bean all day and night. 👍🏻❤️There is no comedian funnier😂 November 2019-

      1. Mihaela Tudorica


    14. hucknbark comedy

      Just brilliant. I remember when I first saw Mr Bean as a child on an overseas flight - amazing

    15. PyroDevil

      No childhood without Mr Bean 💪😍

      1. Adam k

        I feel sad for this generation

      2. Matheus Silva Sanfoneiro


      3. Rafał Motyl

        @HOOMANS ARE CRAZY🎀 hhhxhxxyhdx

      4. Alvin Alvin

        @Ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land LDL X Z Z Z Z S S Ss

      5. wrldryt

        @Jafrin Khan theirs something called opinion sir

    16. Pacific Blue

      I’m a paramedic and I’ve shown this Mr Bean program to CPR and ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) classes that I have taught to lighten the mood. Works every time. I play it at the start of the class. Always puts the students in a good mood

    17. Erick Herrera

      Siempre me reía de Mr Bean, ahora me doy cuenta que me estoy convirtiendo en él

    18. The History of Narcos

      mr bean brings me back to my childhood , i watched him everytime he was in the tv :))

    19. Anna Micija

      The laughing man = my cat Mr. Bean = me when I want peace and quiet

    20. Daniel Robledo

      Este programa me hace recordar a mi padre. Lo veíamos juntos y reírnos sin parar. Excelente protagonista. 👍👍👍

    21. Francine P

      All time favorite shows. Priceless comedy lol.

    22. Rp

      Someone once said that leaving alone doesn't make any sense but here is a man who makes his loneliness into a wonder🦋

    23. Kavita Sachan

      i never gets bored with this .... doesn't matter how many times I watch this

      1. sousou kech


      2. Gogoi Raj

        Obviously man missing those childhood days

      3. Jennifer Pantua


      4. Sara Khalefaoui


      5. Ivann Gamrikeli

        Me to

    24. Nadine Held

      A man who made people laugh for decades without saying a word

      1. Habib Habib


    25. Talya Albuquereque

      Mr Bean marcou minha infância😘😘💭💭

    26. He hum

      no one can mimic the style & character of mr bean. Mr. Bean I really like you from my little one 😥 Mr. Bean 💓🇲🇨

    27. َAmine Josiphe

      No matter how many times we see again always funny

    28. hari om kumar Modi

      This will never get old coz it's gold..

    29. Ali Raza

      The kid was the luckiest kid to have a ride with the world best fellow passenger.

    30. I Am Srilekha

      I never get bored by watching the same episode again and again 😁😁

      1. 一道霞光


      2. swH


      3. swH


      4. Umesh Sawant

        Same here

      5. iqbal fauzi

        SRILEKHA MISHRA hey 😊

    31. Julia Rosa

      Muito legal ver o mister bi muito divertido.

    32. Sameer hcr 2

      18:44 I can't stop my laugh 😂😂😂


      Never gets old.

    34. Leandro Pereyra

      Me encantan sus vídeos sobre todo el del cine que mira una película no nos podemos dejar de reir😂🎬

    35. Emerson Oliveira

      Muito bom

    36. Samuelabra

      Props not only to Rowan Atkinson in this episode, but to Stephen Frost! The whole bit is just "Stephen laughs," and it's hilarious!

    37. SHaH Salman

      My Childhood memories Mr Bean missing those days..🥺😢😢

    38. Arnav

      Its easy to make someone sad but its hard to make someone laugh ❤❤❤❤❤👍

    39. Pop Cha

      Love you Mr.Bean thank you for giving us all the laugh n smile

    40. Amit Kumar

      Lots of love and respect Mr Rowan.... Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳 Watching his videos in my toughest period makes me forget all sort of problems and makes me smile... Thank u

    41. Lostbruv

      This show was my childhood. Rowan atkinson (mr bean) always made me laugh. Gooood times

    42. Cesy

      I'm almost 34. I think the first time I saw one of his show was in the 1997, when I was 9... Well, he makes me laugh like an idiot since then 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Jeff Vlahos

      That kid in the airplane trying not to laugh. 😂

    44. curti meus vídeos

      A parte do cara rindo no trem kkkkkk

    45. Cyrus ian

      Old but gold 💜❤️

    46. DrReaper

      18:46 That guy beside Mr Bean lost it lmao after faking his laughs he finally got a chance to actually laugh lmao


      Rowan Atkinson is the incredible comediant!

    48. Thomas Kutik studios

      Mr. Bean is the best!!! Can't stop watch!

    49. Adail Silva

      De tão maluco é também muito bom!! De tão burro é genial!!!!!

    50. stradieva

      when i was kid, we go with uncle to rent cd of mr.bean.. now its even available on KZsection 😂😂

    51. Sandra Bautista

      A lo ultimo me dio demasiada risa 🤣

    52. Robert Škrnjug

      Mr.Bean legend for ever😊

    53. Flori Travels

      The king of comedy, even in 2021

    54. RZY1004

      Always watching this when i was a child 😌👍✨✨✨

    55. Anusha Jindani

      20:46- that innocent face

    56. Mayank Kumar

      The best silent comedy even in 2021

    57. Hime Shan

      The part with the kid in the plane is hilarious XD

    58. DAGir Khazar

      Концовка убийственная 😂👍🏻

    59. prathamesh jakhalekar

      it never gets old

      1. aleph

        same here still watching this till now

    60. Rafael de Granada

      ¡ muchaaaaas graciaaas por hacerme reir ! 👍👏👏👏👏👏

    61. Le vrai Nicolas

      Le premier épisode de Mr Bean que j'ai vu quand j'étais petit est celui où il fait sa valise. Sa réaction à la fin, quand il met la petite valise dans la grande valise, demeure un de mes gags préférés de toute la série.

      1. Kristine O. Constantino


    62. swagat to karo hamara !!

      Mr bean has a very good driving skill!

    63. -Jenifer Jasline-

      I am watching Mr Bean when I was 6 or 7 and now I am 10 🤣 and Mr Bean didn't change

    64. Sudipa Ghosh

      Thanks to the child, he acts properly and not bursting in laughing 🤣🤣

      1. KrissyRose Animallover2021

        Umm they take takes and takes until they get it right

    65. Amin Habbab

      Thank you, Mr Bean, for making part of my life smile

    66. david sivchuk

      i remember watching mr bean as a kid

    67. sha11235

      Love the packing for his trip and the payoff.

    68. kabita kafle

      Mr bean made my childhood awesome!

    69. Mushareb Javed

      Mr. Bean journey without trouble not possible ❤

    70. Justin Williams

      18:47 I was dying laughing

    71. Arjun Singh Solanki

      Mr bean is unbelievable... Salute MR. ATKINSON

    72. murtaza addamji

      This bean has made really my childhood again its so funny bean i really love mr bean all the country loves also wow so Wonderful video funny it is every video its so fun thank you once again i really liked it

    73. Aarush

      Best show ever man!!👍👍

      1. Chewing gum


      2. Rashmeet Kaur


    74. Sergio Ramos

      He's damn 😍what an artist the man who make billions of people laugh

    75. fahim

      Why this feels funny no matter how many times we see again

      1. Jithu Joseph

        Salaa noobda

    76. ana clara bones

      adoro kkkkkkk

    77. Fuck Me

      Mr Atkinson you have entertained my family you make us laugh and its funny thank you

    78. Speed Demon Does Youtube

      I like how the laughing track plays even when he’s doing something normal xD

    79. DeeJay86

      I want to see him on the airport before getting into the plane so badly. Anyone else?

    80. Min Thang

      Years later Still very funny

    81. smit gadit

      The only channel in entire youtube with zero hatred. The legacy of Mr.bean

    82. Just a guy who likes anime :D

      good old days!!

    83. Pavan Yerragunta

      Me laughing like that other dude on the train seeing this. Lolllll mr bean is a legend.

      1. KAVINSKY

        گوه نخور گوزو

    84. Taran

      My favourite at 14:45 😂😂🤣🤣

    85. Sandra Alves

      Eu amo assistir mr bean

    86. Junn Hussain

      i also watch him from when i was 5 years old now i am 14 love it he is tooo funny

    87. huzaifa tahir

      this video is so amazing mr bean is a good comedian

    88. King Of Uruk

      I love you Mr. Ben, the most beautiful days of my childhood

      1. KrissyRose Animallover2021


      2. The Train CJ

        Yes, Ben Bean was a legend.

    89. Barodi Narash Biswas

      6:30 the sound got me🤣🤣🤣🤣

    90. Ruda błękitnooka;*

      I love Mr.Bean always and forever!!! This is somethnig wonderful! beautiful old times that have passed away but beautiful memories have remained! 😘😘😍😍

      1. CENET


    91. Yanini Recio


    92. Fongkz Gaming

      Oh men, this is movie what i watch everyday on my television where i kid long time a go 😄

    93. Vishal 62

      This man is legend ... hat's off.. without muttering a word u says many things

    94. jgreico11

      Thank You For Posting Mr. Bean Episodes For Us To Watch

    95. AWESOME TV

      Idk if hes reading this but Thank you Rowan Atkinson for making my childhood days osm😁

      1. Ibrahim Arfa


    96. Przemysław Kozioł

      17:10 he took off his socks but actually had another whole new pair under the bench :D

    97. Beauty Trends

      Mr,bean &Jim carry are truly Legends

      1. PHs PALACE

        And Janne Winblad, the swedish entertainer.

      2. Rafał Motyl


      3. Rafał Motyl


    98. Inzar Syed

      2:05 most funny 😆 part

    99. vishalkushwaha

      This currector is my life long fev ...... Mr. Bean 😘

    100. 洛黑神

      I love Mr.bean funny video!😂