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    Mr Bean tries his hand at martial arts, but is a little reluctant to be thrown to the ground!

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    1. Mr Bean

      Help Mr. Bean reach 20 million subscribers! bit.ly/MrBeanSUB

      1. rares greavu

        30 milion

      2. ItsJustGoldForSomeReason

        U meant Help mr bean reaching 30,000,000 since hes at 29,000,000 subscribers

      3. Zuzana Vranova

        @SBS-FLOX Hg

      4. james white

        @Tam Phan do not say UwU to mr Bean

      5. Barzan khalid

        I will subscribe & a like

    2. Cypher84X

      I miss this age of comedy. World has lost it's way. We need more Mr. Beans.

      1. Qayray

        What do you mean? IT'S JUST A PRANK PRO

      2. Garrett Tutkaluk

        Not sure where you're from, I'm from Canada, but I'm pretty sure this sort of humor can still be found in the UK

      3. Дмитрий Мал

        its just british humour

      4. Wild one

        @Zakir Hossain Dude... You Okay Man? 🙂

      5. Zakir Hossain

        Kotzjhjsppuyj. Oytshhiu7rs. 9us6. Oh. 0gm. Ptjp. Ph6. Oygjlpk okj. Othjkkopl Houikoyfjooig7i. 9yhji8i. Iygi9udig. Itj065gn9rahIrzirdjsutshsusnz7shzuxizzjuhxiis .Saba. 064egjiio.l70hkmmo9Sabam0

    3. Fátima Dongala

      Eu adoro este boneco 😂😂😂

    4. YouTube User

      I used to cry as a kid watching his car getting crushed and laugh hysterically afterwards when he finds the door lock. Best comedy ever. Indeed, silence is a universal language.

      1. Minara Begum

        I felt really bad for him when his car got crushed

      2. Karla Mae

        He speaks a lot too which adds to the humor.

      3. Джордж

        в России такой юмор даже в дурдоме смотреть не будут, смех без причины признак идиотизма

      4. Zaid Noor


    5. Mario Hernandez

      Es fantástico.!! Me encanta.!!🤣🤣🤣

    6. 羅羅的頻道

      1:08 so funny 😂

    7. Zel 64

      It’s adorable how patient the judo teacher was with Mr. Bean

    8. Aspiring English

      Mr Bean.. He never keep my mood down..

    9. Harry Krish

      Such a great actor, salute to you sir!😁

    10. Larson

      Nostalgia ♥ my childhood series

    11. Carliene Santana

      Muito bom gosto muito do programa quele faz 🤣😅👏👏

      1. janeti suyeassu


    12. Johnnie Peters

      My son, 8 years old is been watching mister Bean for over two years now and he's a big fan.

      1. Johnnie Peters

        He plays football and karate so that's enough. But thanks for the tip :)

      2. DespacitoDaniel

        Let him learn Judo and let him flip random people in the side of the street.

    13. Elenita Garcia

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣muito 👍 ameiii mr.bean kkkkk

    14. wumpus

      This is truly one of the most comedic scenes in Mr. Bean.

    15. kokko 1035

      I'm Japanese. My first time I have laughed at Judo XD


      O melhor de todos 😂

    17. Armando Sérgio de Souza

      É bom demais! (It's very, very good.)

    18. Tom Livanos

      lol... to this day I still remember the "take a bow" bit

    19. T

      This man made my childhood

    20. Enerstina Lopes

      ADOROOO 👏👏👏😍🤣🤣💡😂

    21. Tryhard CoDm

      A legend of comedy, we'll remember him.

      1. Insane Troll

        @Stephen Snell Oh. Well in that case I won't remember him.

      2. Stephen Snell

        You don't realise that Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson still happens to be alive

      3. Tante Warna


      4. Tryhard CoDm

        Done@Genius Marc Says

      5. Genius Marc Says

        rephrase it: a legend of comedy, we'll always remember him

    22. Paddy Ross

      5:07 - there's no kind of a 'deposit' in toilet.... What was Mike doing in there? Must have been a hard one 😯

    23. SouthernOregonOrgani

      I havent watched Mr.bean in a good 25 years. Its crazy how this still makes me smile so much it hurts my cheeks! I almost want to cry from the nostalgia

    24. Shadow Banned

      Ahh the good old days when comedy was actually funny.

    25. Alcino Cabral

      Eu não entendo muito da língua inglesa mas o MR BEAN É ENGRAÇADO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    26. William Iannucci


    27. KKA 25

      Already needing a dose of Bean on the first day in 2022!

    28. Mirian Souza cruz Souza Cruz

      Amo esse doido 😂😂😂😂

    29. TheSupreme

      The judo teacher was trying hard not to laugh

    30. Kamren Whyte Ministries

      I had every VCR episode of Mr Bean. Still watch it on Netflix to this day. I wish they continued the series and made more episodes. But this was my childhood. Makes me proud to be British

    31. Chule Lezcano

      Es un genio le amooo es mi infancia Mr.Bean

    32. Ella Doz

      Great job retrieving your slacks Mr Bean 🤣

    33. leber hueriba

      Mr. bean a Master of silent comedie!

    34. Nano Evaldt

      Muito bom . Simplesmente o melhor

      1. Despina Brokou


    35. Billy Gonzalez

      ♥️ Mr. Bean el # 1 de todos los tiempos.

    36. Mauro Petrogalli

      I have never missed an episode of his adventures and I also have a series of videotapes !!!👍👍🤣

    37. Marcy

      Rowan is a legend!!!

      1. Jona CGarcia

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      2. priyantha wijayakumara


    38. Mitchi Bell

      when i was a kid, the bit where his car got crushed had me bawling my eyes out. (sadness, not happiness)

    39. Memes & Humour

      Rowan Atkinson is legend ! Never failed to put a smile on my face

      1. Samir Ait Hamada


    40. jorge Diaz

      2021 Argentina lo sigo mirando siempre

    41. city3015

      This throw is more legit than most of fake martial art schools this days.

      1. Rolianne Balanga


    42. ben bell

      hilarious 🤣

      1. 人形サイバー

        Ohh yeah

    43. Fábio Santos

      Muito bom parabéns 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👏

      1. Ana Maria Paula

        Melhor seria se fosse com legendas!!!

    44. 정인철

      Great foot step by Mr.Bean. That kind of quickness needs a lot of training.

      1. Kostaginka Marinova


    45. Jimmy Mars

      I have been watching him for four decades till today.

      1. Ashlee Cranfill

        Hi there

      2. Kaleem Akbar


    46. Annika

      Too funny 😊

    47. Shaasa

      Immer wieder schön anzuschauen 😆👍

    48. María Angélica Solís Sánchez

      Cuando iba en la facultad no podía verlo porque estudiaba de noche pero en las vacaciones si podía verle. Saludos 👋 desde México 🇲🇽✌😘

    49. Toboz e Marie

      LMAO 🤣 Soo love Mr bean makes me laugh all the time

    50. DaCommuter 😎

      His silence speaks louder than anything. I also love his Jonny English movies😂😂

      1. DaCommuter 😎

        @Ashlee Cranfill 😁👍

      2. Ashlee Cranfill

        @DaCommuter 😎 I'm good

      3. DaCommuter 😎

        @Ashlee Cranfill Great, how about you?

      4. DaCommuter 😎

        @Ashlee Cranfill Hi Ashlee, I'm doing great, thanks for asking. How are you?

      5. Ashlee Cranfill

        @DaCommuter 😎 how are you doing today?

    51. zhao wouldmeet

      A epic masterpiece!

    52. Evania Silva Antoniasse

      👏👏👏👏👏 ele comédia em tudo, passava na Band, não perdia uma,aos domingo a noite

    53. Ricardo Abdalla

      SIR Rowan Atkinson. Priceless genius of comedy. Thank you for making us laugh.

      1. Meherun Nessa

        @Shantanu Kumar 1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

      2. Gaming Dharmik

        You deserve a heart ❤️

      3. Shantanu Kumar


    54. musicality 🎶

      The judo instructor looks like the dinosaur from toy story 😆

    55. Talles Felipe

      Mr Bean é demais kkkkk alegrou minha infância


      What a good teacher and the best student of all that great Mr Bean

    57. Juarez Henrique

      Bom demais gostei muito kkkk

    58. Uday Vachhani

      After 10 yrs I laughed as of my childhood 😆🤟😄

      1. Dominik Weber

        LINUS WEBER WEBER nnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmjmmmmmmmjjjjm

      2. Nevena Tkalac

        Sdngu gnbsbsbfshsbfnsbgnandfkatms

      3. Daniel Azulay

        After 30 years... so did I :')

    59. Korsar FF

      Trainer is very cool 😂❤️

    60. Tiscar Marcos Ortiz

      Me encanta😁😁💕

    61. Januário Feriado

      The teacher actual does the throw correctly, he probably actually practices irl

      1. Januário Feriado

        Present, not past. Learn the languagfe first before BSing on the internet

      2. Random person

        Did* Practiced*

    62. Good night 007

      How funny😂😂

    63. sato galaxy television

      Mr Bean can laugh even in Japanese. There is no border for laughter

    64. Deepthi Ashok

      When ever i got depression i watch Mr. Bean show then my depression goes

    65. Supremely Educated

      Mr. Bean makes us laugh without saying a word! 🤗 🥰 🤚

      1. Kostaginka Marinova


      2. Supremely Educated

        Ha ha ha ha!

    66. Don Joe

      He is something else for sure. 🤣

    67. AKAT deidara

      My favorite comedian ever

    68. Amyah Johnson

      I been watching Bean's shows for an hour an 30 min. His shows are so amazing!

      1. TheHeavensFellen

        So, you saw Bean for the first time, you are saying? there are most of the episodes here available.

      2. TheHeavensFellen

        So, you saw Bean for the first time, you are saying? there are most of the episodes here available.

      3. ككك ووو

        @Mr. IIndia مممنننمنتن٧٥٢صضظضرخ😫🦅🇸🇾🇦🇪😭😢🇦🇪🇸🇾🤔🇸🇾🤔🤔🤔🤔😫🌹❤️🦂👽👻

      4. Mr. IIndia

        Yes 🔥

    69. Jasmina Simon


    70. Marcela Martínez

      No saben cómo me cago de risa cada que lo veo

    71. Paul Cochrell

      Wow! I thought I had seen every Mr. Bean episode. Somehow I missed this one.

    72. I am Awesome

      He has made my childhood so much wonderful.

      1. Kevin Xie

        me too

      2. Nimali Perera


      3. Holger Mallwitz


      4. Holger Mallwitz

        I 'm Made my childhood so much wonderful.

    73. Sufyan 646

      He’s funny 😂 😆 😝

    74. 박그레이트

      터빈이 형은 언제봐도 재밌다

    75. Speed Demon Does Youtube

      He literally looks scared for his life in the thumbnail xD

    76. Richard C.B.

      the best episode ever!!!

    77. Mark Rumfola

      He is so good at making people happy 😊

    78. Orlando Garcia

      Mister Bean sensacional! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Adam Bousse


      2. Kostaginka Marinova


    79. Hamed25

      You made many people happy, good man ❤️❤️🇮🇷

    80. Antonio Carlos Salvi

      Muito. Bom

    81. Sergio PedroPe

      Muito bom

    82. Subscribe to SCP-173 or it snaps your neck

      Legends says that he trained all the Judo masters

      1. SAHARA


      2. Rich Lee

        He trained Neil Adams, Brian Jacks, Koga, Katrina Bryant, Peter Cousins lol

      3. امراطورية الانمي


      4. Adam Asian adtan

        Someone local

      5. Ammar Hilmy

        Good morning

    83. SandraYT

      ME ENCANTA Mr Bean ME GUSTA ;)

    84. Haider Playz

      last scene just made me cry

    85. Ahmet Uyaroğlu

      I wonder if I've gone too far, if I say, the greatest master of “ Pure Comedy “ is Mr. Bean.

      1. Zee R

        No you are absolutely right

    86. Skala Darrell Godeater

      This man is a GENIUS!

    87. Michael Cox

      I think the instructor was trying not to laugh lol

    88. Dhanraj Mohan

      Public comments. Mr been is my favorite actor. Really funny 😂😂😂


      Muito bomb

    90. Mimosa22Vlog

      I love Mr Bean, :))

    91. The Surgical Medicine

      Exactly how I behaved at my first and last karate class ever🤣

    92. Pro 00


    93. Alberto Pirrotta

      GREAT Mr Bean !!!

    94. Gameon Burn

      😂😂😂😂😂i cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

      1. pawan kumar

        Vv,b. Cv,r Kristen Sunburn🦄🦋

    95. Deepal Samarajeewa

      Judo bean is epic!

    96. Rehana khan

      Love you Mr. bean. we couldn't even imagine our childhood without you

      1. Abhay Agarwal

        @muarij shah stfu

      2. Roj 878

        @muarij shah wtf s thats bro

      3. muarij shah

        Mjyyfjfjfhkcvfjfhkfhfifhjdhdkbfkfgfjgcjfbkfbkf hi clbvkfhfkbfkchkcbckbckhf gxuhtifhjfjjfbfjfbfbbfbbfbfnnfnhjfhjffjifkfkfjjfifhfk

    97. Dani Adiyatma

      Mr. Bean is legend