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    Mr Bean goes Christmas shopping, performs a nativity play and becomes a composer for a Christmas band.

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    1. Akshat Awasthi

      My christmas really seems to be incomplete without watching these episodes of Mr. Bean. I literally watch it every year. It's the best entertainment for me 😂🎉

    2. Ritik Raina

      This guy made our childhood best moments of our life

    3. Canuck204

      The genius of this man, made millions of people laugh with his actions and humour. Never raised his voice, yelled or scream obscurities..Mr.Bean will always hold a place in my heart.

    4. Simo Häyhä

      Back in the days when we all had a wonderful christmas without restrictions.

    5. A.m.å.l

      What comes to your mind when you hear Christmas.

    6. Илья Г

      Это восхитительно смотреть, перед новым годом)

    7. Rithik Kumar Vk

      I watch these Episodes everynight before going to Sleep..

    8. Max Navneet YT

      one of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something hi always respect us,the audience and his team and hi is always polite in oll of his videos we congratulate ourselves on this achievement.more to come and everything to come 🥰

    9. mayank joshi

      I'm very emotional right now seeing this episode on Christmas 🎄 i miss those golden days best memory😢😔❤ and mr bean sir you are a legend 🙌 thanks for making our childhood awesome

    10. Russell C

      I hadn't seen that scene of him playing with the store's manger scene in years....thanks for posting. What a classic.

    11. Yadukrishna M

      Christmas is nothing without bean.

    12. SpazTek Warrior

      Who can remember the first time Mr Bean wore the turkey on his head??

    13. mk maiko

      Legend Mr Bean❤️❤️

    14. fancyramen

      The band scene has always been my favorite 💕

    15. Mia nur Alifiani

      Favorite childhood movie❤️

    16. Wiko Lite 3172

      This episode will almost appear on every Christmas season 😂

    17. Gurpal Singh

      Love this Christmas episode watching from when i was 12-13 and still loved it, merry Christmas everybody love and joy from India🇮🇳

    18. Banden

      Merry Christmas my dear childhood <3

    19. ANUJ RANA

      My Christmas 🎄⛄ is incomplete without Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson's Sir legendary Christmas episode.

    20. Unknown 🥀

      Legend mr bean 👀🔥