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    Mr Bean visits the hospital for a very peculiar reason!

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    1. pixel head

      Watch it million times and still funny 😂

      1. اؤمةالبكالتك ابكنسهخصض


      2. عبودي حسام


      3. الطاغيه حارث 2022


      4. الطاغيه حارث 2022

        ↠ ↠

      5. Tebi Asadov


    2. muhammad amin

      2022 and still hilarious

    3. Una locura En casa

      Es genial esta serie! 👍🏻

    4. Ghost Nation

      Probably the best episode in the whole series. 😂

      1. Василий Зайцев

        Очередной.саксонский. Придурок

      2. sha11235

        My favorite is the Calculus test, because if he had only asked the proctor, he would've known he pulled out the wrong paper.

      3. BN Tech

        @عبد الرازق شیخ said they at m

      4. BN Tech

        @nichilista militante wp

      5. عبد الرازق شیخ

        @dia d who are you

    5. Jostin Tin

      The first time it's shown on Malaysians tv,i think at 7 pm,my family will sit together...luckily it shown on Sunday,thanks a lot Mr Rowan Atkinson

    6. barry mcguinness

      Still hilarious in 2021 haha 😂

      1. _ alpha-go

        A u kimchi man?

      2. Игорь Серебровb.


      3. Souhaila Timoumi

        @Sophia Mendez 0

      4. barry mcguinness

        @Sophia Mendez I didn’t understand any of that at all lol

      5. barry mcguinness

        @Sophia Mendez ?????????

    7. barbar ian

      Legends never gone away from our hearts

    8. sreevidyakamath

      Mr.bean made my childhood

    9. TF Fan Artist

      Still surprised that this amazing British sitcom only had less than 20 episodes...

    10. Moa Roblox

      Mr bean is so funny 😂

      1. Shyam Prasad


    11. Gabriel Lemos do Amaral

      Muito bom

    12. Paul Walker

      This reminds me of geowing up in the 90's back in the day when we could laugh about such idiosyncrasies without being offended. Oh my.... whatever happened??? Those were the days.

      1. Мария Петкова

        @Greg Waugh ожщгжэгэээ9млвл

      2. Ayaan Narayan

        @Greg Waugh video was uploaded in 2019 and still has 410,000 likes so I’m pretty sure people still enjoy this stuff

      3. Paul Walker

        @Greg Waugh Yep!!! 👍

      4. Greg Waugh

        To many snowflakes ❄️

      5. Ayaan Narayan

        Well people are laughing at this now too

    13. kaise Ho BC

      I can't stop laughing 🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

    14. Miscalculation Noor

      3:05 favourite part😂

      1. Melange of knowledge

        Yeah true...

    15. Speed

      Mr. Bean teaching us to not mock others😂🤣

      1. Francisco27 Nieves27

        You don't even account for all that

      2. arti academy


    16. Tiny Tony Maloney

      Just brilliant 😂😂

    17. kasmira Ali

      It's my childhood fevorite TV show ... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. العربيه

        Hello beautiful, can we get to know your presence❤

    18. MC Manguinha cai manga oficial

      Muito bom o cara

    19. Ravi Narada

      Still funny in 2022 😅

    20. Ankit Bhat

      Mr bean is a genius and legend forever

      1. sajith asha

        Yeah true

    21. Daisy Cetin

      I forget my loneliness when I watch mister Bean.

    22. Abhijeet Yadav

      from 9:00 to 12:00 best of all😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Saiteja

      My favourite and childhood Hero ❤️

    24. Ricky Ho TV

      i can not stop laughing 😁

    25. Suryabagavan Pothuraju

      No.1 comedy actor 😍❤

      1. Moret Hicole

        @Feride gül Toprak a

      2. Ayoub Adjimi


      3. Kritika Rathore

        Xjdhhdbdjxin hijx @Gabriel Austin

      4. Khari Shepard

        @Gabriel Austin no problem :D

      5. Gabriel Austin

        @Khari Shepard Thank you, I went there and it seems like a nice service :D I really appreciate it!

    26. Game CHANGER

      Thank you mr. Bean ... You made me laugh everyday... =)

      1. SÖZ Əbdulrəhman əli

        👁👄👁 every day?!!!!

    27. 90k subs Challenge ᵂⁱᵗʰ 0 ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒ

      He make my day amazing always.. let's see how many people come here to laugh 😁

    28. RM Channel 21

      Aktingnya bagus dan lucu, alami..sukses 👍👍😊

    29. Rani Bhattacharjee

      8:19 just see Mr. Bean reaction and scared action!😂😂 9:16 😂😂 9:30 just see😂😂😂😂 9:42😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. @adi  Crêations

      That's very funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. Liz Kozlowski

      Even the girl next to him bandage up laughs lol

    32. Rohit Shetty

      The legend bean my fav 🌟

    33. kelly_ling kuo

      hilarious episode

    34. Vikash Kumar Porte

      7:01 Best Part of the Entire clip

      1. OllyCFC


    35. Daniel Le


      1. Tessy Falcon

        For real

    36. Lily Donalduck 🦆🦆

      When I was young, the female patient next to him looks scary But now i watch it again and feel so bad for her ( got terrible injury, couldn't move and then got bullied by Mr Bean )

      1. Adithya Vinod

        What’s her name tho

    37. Rosanna Rendina

      The best👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

    38. kaise Ho BC

      😂😂😂😂😂 nice 🔥

    39. Janak Sangma



      I had no idea Bean was also a bad boy sometimes

    41. Jérémy Dubost

      Lol il me tue ce mec 😂

      1. Bittu Kumar


    42. Sang Woo Michael Park

      So much fun!

    43. Peni Uluilagi

      Is funny 😄😆🤣😂

    44. Jason Murphy

      7:05 just makes me laugh every time

    45. Tonias kitchen

      Very nice🤣👍

    46. WhatareyouthinkingXD

      The fact that he forgot to lock the other side

      1. eastoo gaming

        Other side is locked from inside 😂

    47. Parigi Priyanka

      This is very funniest video🤣🤣🤣

    48. Guardian Observer

      "I was the actress playing that scene with Mr Bean! 😂😂😂😂. Yeah right!".

      1. Not Your Bro

        and im the ticket

      2. queen rani

        @Kyalif Noronha hmm all the best in ur career

      3. Kyalif Noronha

        Yeah and I'm the doctor

      4. queen rani

        r u serious

    49. Sushma Kaur

      Very funny 😂

    50. sandrine k

      I love it 😂😂😂😂😂👌

      1. Keanu Reeves

        Hello my lovely friend 🌸

    51. Jarren Lumpkin

      Lol Mr Bean is so hilarious 😭😭😭😂😂

      1. ali ALI


      2. Jarren Lumpkin

        Cricket Wireless yup:-)

      3. Cricket Wireless

        Hahaha soooo true dude

      4. Арсен Пулькас


      5. Арсен Пулькас


    52. Krishna Bohara

      funny Mr bean😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    53. Yashoda A kunder

      He is very funny and I love him

    54. Sanjay Nagle

      So funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Dr BR Ambedkar

      Mr bean legend

    56. Gman 207

      Lmao the way he waves his hands 😅

      1. Ullu Ullu

        Gman 207

      2. s h a m s h e r ka s y p a


    57. YAP!

      Love his dark joke 🥰

    58. Mohd Shahzada

      Mza aa gya 😂😂😂😂

    59. thuo paul

      Comedy maestro...i love your videos😀😀

    60. Y o u T u b e✔ precious time came back.. who said time doesn't come back

    61. William Oliveira

      Ele é o melhor da comédia não tem pra ninguém kkk fenomenal

      1. BLACK da deslike no meu vídeo ϟ❶


      2. sr bagacinho

        @Jade Shoo he is saying that mr.bean are the best comedian ever

      3. Jade Shoo

        I don't understand your words William Oliveira

      4. DZ massli


      5. Muhammad Bodrul Islam

        William Oliveira 2p

    62. HAMBA ALLAH35

      entertained by the funny film, greetings from Indonesia

    63. Sanjay Kumar

      Nice video 😁

    64. qyoko_ntx

      very entertaining

    65. H.K all everything video.

      😀😀😀 very funny video

    66. Samina Parveen

      The best thing about it, is that, any person can understand and have a laugh 😊

      1. Usama Lhan


    67. J H Web Solutions

      7:35 cracked me up 😂

    68. DreamForEver

      Mr. Bean, the legendary character played by Rowan Atkinson. Often his real name is mistaken.

      1. yasmine guelaa


      2. Sheep Astley

        @Timbhu J Dude shut up

      3. Timbhu J

        Did I ask?


      So amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. atosBH

      Rowan Atkinson made an entire generation of people from all around the world laugh, and without saying a single word. He's a genius of comedy

    71. S77

      Hahahaha 😅😅👍👍

    72. Roselyn Buensuceso

      Hahahahah nakakatawa c Mr bean

    73. Al-fattah Textile

      It's so funny

    74. Pencil Boy

      Whoever watching this in 2022 were ultra legends 😂😂

    75. Moha Rashka boy

      Mr bean he is wonderful person it makes me laugh

      1. palak Shah

        Yes you are right 😉😊

    76. Pushkar Garg

      Legend watching this masterpiece in 2022

    77. KingMustache

      the only british man i respect

    78. Ok Onik Khan

      He make childhood happy and now also

    79. Vasu Singu

      Amazing person.....I really miss your shows

    80. PrAnAv 31

      Still awesome Today ❤️❤️❤️

    81. rania kamel

      I love mr. Bean

    82. Yadav Neeraj

      Nice 🙂

    83. Song Intor

      Well done bro I like it

    84. Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil

      Its amazing how Mr Bean had only 12 episodes but watching them feels like it had 12 seasons !!!

      1. Smart Spy


      2. sha11235

        @Fire Dust It wasn't a weekly thing, apparently. It ran every few months. I first saw it on HBO where they aired the early episodes for awhile, then the later ones. They did not air this one.

      3. ZygardeCruiser

        3 episodes are the rare one

      4. Ceen's Art


      5. كرار الاسطوره


    85. Random Arts

      Mr bean is timeless

    86. Ahamedali

      Super funny

    87. Daniel Le


    88. Christ Prima

      7:07 "Name ? Bean" Memorable to me

    89. asit bhattacharjee

      Mr bean ( Rowan Atkinson) ' s talking style is also very funny.

      1. Khay fun VDO


    90. Abinash mochari

      Un stop laughing 😘😘😘😍😍till end 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

    91. raj veer

      Very funny o my God 😲😂😂👌👍

    92. Bad Boy

      6:55 Round two 😂🤣😆

    93. Liz Kozlowski

      Even the nurse laughs at 3:02 lol

    94. Tiggy Sutton

      This is so funny when he takes the old mans ticket to go in the hospital when he was sleeping.

    95. Willian Alvarez

      Mr Bean Is good yea good video 🤣🤣🤣


      Over the top performence by Mr. Bean always. No words for his acting 🙏

    97. T Vanna

      even Rock Lee came to this hospital after got beaten by Gaara 😂

    98. Tamil Temple sugumar

      Nice entertainment comedy 😄😄😄

    99. Iqbal Muhammad

      He is the legend of comedy

      1. Avdul Fetic


      2. iduardo perewira

        Falsos tão Almada kHz luz FSH PC juiz PC px kHz paz paz paz shu

    100. Walquiria Paludeto