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Mr Bean

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    *Remastered Version* Bean tries to find ways to jump the queue in a hospital waiting room. Later he tries to get his camera to automatically take a picture of him stood next to a Queen's Guard. Unhappy with this he takes advantage of the guards duty to remain still by doing all he can to comically alter his appearance. At the end of the day Bean tries to cure his insomnia with some unusual methods.

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    1. Gruffles

      Atkinson is a pure genious. I love how they replace tons of dialogue with simple facial expressions and physical humour.

    2. Mugsey B

      I remember watching

    3. Gadget Geek

      The intro is very nostalgic I’m gonna cry. All the memories from childhood are suddenly alive and in-front of me.

    4. Mimi

      mr. bean really made my childhood very fun despite of having alot of problems

    5. Elle Kay

      This was one of my favourites as a kid 🥰

    6. Alberto Hinterholz

      My quarantine is becoming better because of him. Thanks a lot, Mr Bean!!!

    7. RodriguezRacer 456

      Mr. Bean is proof that being a loner doesn't mean being sad.

    8. Fuhrer Blitzkrieg

      I loved watching mr bean as a child and watching them now brings back memories and still gives me a good laugh

    9. Tunez Music


    10. Tabish Zaidi

      Brings back so many memories :)

    11. MLBBx Luv17

      Even though i was not born in 90s but this show really complete my childhood days...thank u Mr. Bean🥰

    12. Mushareb Javed

      Sometimes wanna just sleep, amazing childhood, love mr bean ❤

    13. woosh

      Show is nostalgic and still funny by this day... really played another big role in my childhood :)

    14. Thomas Happy

      Mr. Bean will always be funny and enjoy the show as well.

    15. Ilham Fajri Umar

      After learning history, i understand why my father laughing so hard at this scene

    16. Colonel Slim Candy the 2nd

      This man made an entire generation laugh without even speaking once

    17. Captain Krieg

      All the episodes are funny, but this one in particular I find it a work of a genius.

    18. X

      I swear , Mr. Bean made my childhood so much very better

    19. Cristian MQ

      Recordando al hombre que me hiso reir tanto de pequeño ❤

    20. Aejay Dadx

      I have sense of envy for this man he's literally being alone his entire serious yet he's full of happy all by himself