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      I'm 23 and it's still my favorite show, never gets old.

      1. Sara Pavlovic

        @Murata Boy. Bog

      2. Murata Boy.

        Me too

      3. Sara Pavlovic

        @CANAL Maria Mesquita Aj ne duši dosadna si

      4. CANAL Maria Mesquita


      5. Sara Pavlovic

        @Атлан Тида Bog

    2. Alpine Intermittent Fasting

      Asking Mr Bean if he has the turkey on is still the funniest thing to me. Comedy gold.

    3. Meryem SANHAJI

      I'm 29, Mr Bean is a part of my childhood!! Very Nostaligic

      1. fong fung


    4. Ayesha Arif

      It's 2022.., I'm 22 years old.... Mr bean is a part of my childhood osm memories ❤

    5. Neela Akter

      Only mr bean knows how to make me happy.....

    6. T

      There is no Christmas without watching Mr Bean with your family ❤️

    7. G-Han Bax

      This episode as well as the cartoon version of their date taught me what anxiety is.

    8. anshu mazumder

      That's what I spent my childhood watching ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    9. Foundation for Law and Government

      Its very...inspiring episode . I like it very much always gets to laugh

    10. Pirate

      Back when comedy is pure and healthy

      1. Mubarak Mubarak

        I MP

      2. Mubarak Mubarak


      3. Sumaiya Rahman Asha

        Nice and good ⁸h

      4. BOT

        @Deepika Sridhar?

      5. Deepika Sridhar


    11. АннА

      С удовольствием пересмотрела уже сейчас - в 40 лет.. Как будто вернулась в детство!👍

    12. The Light

      That was hands down the best prop I've ever seen 👌


      Childhood memories ❤️

    14. M.Sydney Vern

      The sweet memories of watching this as a child this show entertained generations

      1. Silva Aparecida de lima serpa

        hayr mad fokel

      2. Tiffany freeman

        @QUEEN ZOYA You know that turkey was disgusting?

      3. QUEEN ZOYA

        Please sapot 🙏🙏🙏

    15. Melika Heidari

      Watching this in October 2021, it's so nostalgic

      1. Pranab Deuri


      2. Sindhura EC-C 4G8

        Jan, 2022

      3. Maharshi chinnu

        @Chypatan ్్

      4. Short's


      5. Marcelo SilvaBarbosa


    16. Ben Stevinson

      Mr Bean Never Gets Old!!! 😎👍

    17. Hanan Haris

      Watched it 13 yrs ago, back when I was in primary school. Feels so nostalgic, good old days, life was so easy.

    18. Beast gaming telugu

      Only one show won't get bored for many years .

      1. Angela Holmes

        Yes it would

    19. Debaran Das

      Childhood memories ♥️♥️ thank you Mr. Bean, for making our childhood day's too much special 😍

      1. Clarisse Raherilalao


    20. Esraa Taehyung

      So funny 😂😂

    21. vandana Gupta

      Can you believe I am watching it in 2021 and in age of 23 but still has same love for this 😇

      1. Alisha Khan

        Me too

      2. Vandana Shahi

        Same here same name vandana 🥺😆

      3. CANAL Maria Mesquita


      4. NO Cargill

        I love how you say your 23 but your comment has so many grammatical errors like a 5 yr old. For example in age of 23. You can't be IN a age

      5. Roni Paul

        Me 60 years old....but huge fan of mr.bean😊

    22. 🛍️ Art and Craft 💌

      I'm 17 years old but Mr .Bean is favorite character since my childhood

      1. Tiara

        Same haha

      2. குரங்கு kulla gaming தமிழ்

        Me 2 same sister

    23. Hurricane Furia

      "have you got the turkey on?" easily the funniest line in the show.

    24. Swasthika Devadiga

      I never get bored watching Mr Bean

    25. குரங்கு kulla gaming தமிழ்

      I saw this video more than 30 time but still I has a love of remembering my childhood

      1. VKO POKEMON

        Mee too

    26. Maria Cidnea

      Adoro os filmes do mister Ben ele é um grande ator muito lindo

    27. anusha anam

      After several of years I'm watching this tv show which was one of my favorite..

    28. Shammi Weeratunga

      Am 30 and still watching it since childhood

    29. Raee's Life

      I remember watching this as a child, I am 31 now so this brings back memories.

    30. Huda Shakir

      Nothing to do but still watching Mr bean 😀

    31. Nica

      my fav show when im 6 now im 12 still my fav show

    32. Shahid Nawaz

      I am watching in 2021 in the age of 21 but still in love with Mr bean

    33. RedMachineCosplay

      I love this movie and very funny This content never old❤️💕

      1. Richard Patrick


    34. Nathalia Freitas

      Ja assisti mil vezes e toda vez dou risada

      1. mary

        O melhor, e nem precisa abrir a boca para nos fazer rir 🤣

    35. Shahina Begum

      4:49 best part 😂😂😂😂

    36. Genevieve Tauro

      When I was 6-7 Yrs old I used to watch this shows and now I'm 16 and I'm still watching it!!! It's such an amazing video❤️

      1. Liam Samayoa

        @Hlwan Zaw gamer 😄😇😙😙🥲😋🥲😙🤑🤑😂😍🍓🍓🍆🍆

      2. Liam Samayoa

        @Hlwan Zaw gamer 1111

      3. ᴊᴜsᴛ ғᴏʀ ғᴜɴ

        Time waste

      4. موسى المحبوب


      5. Upeksha Sewwandi

        @Ona On තේරුන්නෑ me 🇱🇰

    37. Mr. X smasher

      I am 36 & Mr. Bean my favourite childhood show ... It's nostalgic ... Still refreshing .. so lovely .... 🙂

    38. ОЛЬГА БУЗОВА Instagram Life

      Помню мы с сестрой наряжали ёлку и смотрели его, такая ржака 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 обожаю его❤

      1. ОЛЬГА БУЗОВА Instagram Life

        @LEONID'S Спасибо 🙏💕

      2. LEONID'S

        Оля если это вы? Здравствуйте! Признаюсь я не ваш фанат, но в душе я вижу что вы очень хороший человек! Мне не хочется читать про вас всякого рода оскорбления, и тому подобное, будьте внимательны и пусть ангел хранитель бережёт вас!

    39. isa rabo koku fish

      Bean will always kill me, so hilarious being

      1. Indu bala Srivastav

        Mare saka baba

    40. あび

      Hello from Japan. I would often watch this show in my childhood. Love Mr. Bean!

    41. Vএর বউ 🙈❤️

      So funny 🤣🤣❤️❤️

    42. Nilima Maya

      My childhood you legend....💜💜 it's 2021 but I still see Mr.Bean..

      1. Angela Holmes

        Do you?

    43. CH.WALEED

      Miss those childhood days WHen I Was Addicted to these cartoons

    44. Nethmi Welgama

      these videos are never getting old. love you mr.bean.....

    45. Aprizon16

      04:49 epic moment 🤣

    46. Lady's Maid

      Does anyone know the name of the sound that is heard from the beginning when Mr Bean gets up from his bed? I find it very motivating and I want to set it as an alarm to get up 😂😂👌 Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico 😁

      1. Olivia22

        Are this the bells from Buckingham Palace? I do not really know

      2. Raisa Cherry



      Muito legal

    48. Sefalchandra Sarkar

      So funny 🤣 😆 😄 😂

    49. Yummy ASMR

      Amazing ❤

    50. Carl Sagan

      that ending is great lol

    51. Lucas Calma

      It's midnight December 25, 2021 Christmas Day in Philippines, so anyone who's watching this as of now, Merry Christmas to all of you and your family members! God bless!

    52. Ar Orakzai

      I have seen this episode when I was just a kid ... whenever I saw mr bean it reminds me the time of my childhood 🥺😔😓. I'm missing my childhood and all those special and beautiful moments of my life 😭. Mr bean Rowan Atkinson my favorite actor ever. He is the legend😍🧡

      1. Clarisse Raherilalao


      2. Clarisse Raherilalao


      3. Ar Orakzai

        @Vinoda Shri yes I'm on fb 😊

      4. Vinoda Shri

        Me too!, are in Fb?

      5. Sherise Power


    53. Liria Sarmiento gomez

      Fantástico!!! .. Siempre,. Mr. Bean. Gracias !!!!!

      1. Alyssa Zamora

        sya nag gumawa ng GSD for Mainspring? bohol

    54. Узнай и Делай .ру

      Can you believe I am watching it in 2021 and in age of 23 but still has same love for this 😇

    55. mitten

      Watching this in November 2021 it's so nostalgic

    56. Nadeem Memon

      I like how the turkey went into his face

      1. Angela Holmes


      2. jean


      3. jesse noel reyes

        Looks an ostrich

    57. Charmaine Bermudez

      Merry Christmas!!🎄❤️

    58. YoDum

      Old but legend.. ❤

    59. Awais Food Secrets

      Mr bean is the perfect personality for comedy

    60. pejuang tawa

      it's so nostalgic

    61. Rohan Hazarika

      I grew up watching Mr.Bean. Thank you so much Mr. Bean for making my childhood so memorable. 😭

      1. Deepika Sridhar


      2. Entertainment

        same here

    62. GMB08

      Classic 😁

    63. kartik kolamwar

      Suddenly I started with one episode... and still watching....

    64. biendedemain

      Love it


      No matter how mature you are ..but you can't forget this masterpiece!!

    66. Faouzi

      Bless you mr Bean ♡

    67. Theo_

      I miss those days when it came on my t.v and I watched it every night in the same time with pop corn 🙂🔫

    68. sword of god

      That ring pretending scene is super 😂😂😂

      1. Raisa Cherry


    69. Muffin

      Love it

    70. Gkukkiiee eee

      The legend who made millions of people laugh without any word

      1. Juan Pablo Urias Cruz

        "Christmas socks"

      2. Priyanka Thakur


      3. Priyanka Thakur


      4. Angela Holmes

        @Mitul Biswas good 👍

      5. Angela Holmes

        @G.N.R YT I love it

    71. Neil D'Cruz

      My childhood Hero!

    72. Chandalatha Gallindage

      It's so funny I'm watch him in 2021and in the funeral video I was laughing when he kissed the woman 😂🐸

    73. Shubhu -Panda

      😂😂 merry Christmas 🎄

    74. Sahin Hussain Hazarika

      Merry Christmas Mr Bean 😄😅👏

    75. Lethal

      i remember this... my childhood😁

    76. Corrie Talks

      0:05 The feeling we get on Christmas Day every year

      1. Angela Holmes


      2. Raisa Cherry


    77. night queen

      From childhood onwards until now I am watching Mr. Bean I love soooooo muchhh 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      1. BZ GAMER


    78. Mihran’s Little world

      I’m 26 and i watching this 2021 December its my favorite show ever

    79. Madhumita Pal

      Can you believe I am watching in 2022 and in age 24 but has still same love for this 😍❤❤❤❤

    80. SprêĀD LøVë

      Watching in January 2022 , freaking cold , heaters on , blanket up♥️♥️♥️

    81. Market Purses Blog 1

      Am 45 years old still watching classic and timeless.

      1. Vasile Florentin Andreies

        Wow 45 you must like it a lot also dont judge me im just 8 yrs old

    82. Michelle Rysdam

      He is so funny😂😂😂😂😂

    83. Antony Baines

      It's the thought that counts 😂

    84. sherni☺️

      M watching dis in 2021, jst love it.. he taught us how to njoy alone, even though if we dnt hv frnds fmly we can b happy jst the thing dt love urself frst . Love from India.. Mr. Bean my fav😊😊God bless u sir..

      1. Deepika Sridhar


      2. pasan wijemanna


    85. Lilian Lageman Linguistic .L3

      Its 2022 , watching u Mr.bean🥰

    86. TiSum's World

      Still I am watching 2022 I just love itttt💗💗

    87. TH GAME

      Mr Bean never get old

      1. Kabita Nepal


    88. SCH

      I watched this so many times but never get bored of it

      1. JB N


      2. My name is

        Лол кек, чебурек. 7ы, а уже 8ы ван лав❤️❤️❤️

      3. احمد سمير

        أو مي كاد

      4. Ronald Tiggelaar

        SpVgg buggy gr ghi regt guy stug er

      5. Miss T.E.A.

        Same here

    89. Banyar Naing

      Good old times.

    90. Anikó Lakatos

      Super Bean!🤣😍

    91. logno sarker

      i love this show

    92. Cole Hagood

      Happy thanksgiving mr bean how I love the holidays

    93. Vic T

      All it took is just one season, 1 to make Mr.Bean a comedy legend for ever! No violence, no idiotic comedic situations, unlike today's garbage. Mr.Bean is a legend! All it took 15 episodes to make him the GREATEST comedian world has ever seen.

      1. Corrie Talks

        Only 15 episodes? That's a good number but he could have done more like mess at the bowling alley, have fun at the zoo and even go on the bus

      2. ok

        eh i mean we do have dave chappelle hes known has one of the best

    94. Remina-chan

      its the time of the year and good ol Mr.bean is messing it up funnily

    95. Silvia Toneli

      Wow I like Mr bean ❤️👏

    96. Isatou Ingram

      Mr bean is so funny 😹😹😀

    97. Antara Dhargupta

      I am watching Mr Bean from when I was 3 years old

    98. Farhan Anish

      When I was 5-6 years old I watched Mr Bean and this was my favourite show now I'm 10 years

      1. Farhan Anish

        @Herbert Dönermaier yes I'm 10

      2. Herbert Dönermaier

        @Farhan Anish are you really 10? Writing comments on KZsection?

      3. Farhan Anish

        @Herbert Dönermaier what

      4. Herbert Dönermaier


    99. Subi Subi

      My favorite show😍

    100. Bindu Ghimire

      Looks so yummy and Delicious Great sharing thank you so much for sharing dear friend. Stay Blessed and stay safe